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BVP PBauer black background V2-3018Going Global with Sales?

Enlist Polly’s guidance with the global expansion of your business, while processing local payments in over 170 countries.

Stunting Sales by Resisting New Payment Technologies?

Embrace contactless payments like Apple Pay & Android Pay, Chip & PIN Cards, and new e-commerce security measures with Polly, an industry veteran, by your side each step of the way.

Launching your Own Co-Branded Card?

Engage Polly’s expertise in the rollout of a debit or credit card with a Visa or Mastercard logo to generate revenue for your organization, while simultaneously providing benefits to your employees or members.

Seeking a Merchant Account and You’ve Been Told You Are High Risk?

Expand your capability to receive payment processing accounts with Polly’s compliance and due diligence review. If you make the cut, we will assist you with applying for a payment processing relationship suitable for your business.

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Find out the latest news from Polly on issues affecting e-commerce, network marketing, and global businesses, as well as recent updates on consumer credit. Glean valuable information from Polly’s “Pearls of Wisdom” as she travels the globe helping people run successful businesses and educating them about credit.

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Understand The Plastic Effect

Polly’s first book educates consumers and professionals alike on the use and misuse of credit utilizing 25 urban legends about plastic. These urban legends came to light as Polly was interviewed on the radio and conducted a Q & A session for callers. Quoted routinely in the media, The Plastic Effect, is an award-winning must-read book.

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Internal processes and policies must be created and implemented to prevent and detect fraudulent transactions.

Every staff member with a role in ordering, fulfillment, customer service and accounting must be trained on all phases of credit card payments.

U.S. Merchants should anticipate physical changes to cards and terminals and be ready for the shift of liability if not compliant by Oct. 2015.

New payment technologies utilized by early adopters and younger generations are poised to grow exponentially in the next 4 years.

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